Garage Door Replacement: Tips from a Pro

At some point in time, the garage door will need to be replaced. The composition of the door deteriorates. Or, the door is warped or rusted and it becomes necessary to replace it. Unsightly doors detract from the home’s appeal and value. To achieve the best fit, buy the door, track, and necessary parts at the same time. Replacing a new door on an old damaged track system does not work. It can be done but not without a lot of effort. Sometimes the old tracks and springs may be salvaged and reused with a replacement door. However, it is better to purchase a new smooth track, springs, and hardware along with a new replacement garage door. New door systems come with a warranty. Cost varies with regard to quality, size, and poor composition. For example, a wood door price will be different from a metal door price. An average price range is estimated from $500 to $2,500 for the replacement door system. Add to that a new opener, additional warranty coverage, and other premium options. Replacing a door will cost approximately the same as installing a new door. There are several factors to consider. Geographic location, materials, quality of installation, and the type of door will affect the estimate. Add to that the removal and disposal cost of the old door and hardware. Consider replacing the automatic door opener. A new electric door opener may cost as much as $100 to $400. If the old door opener still works, there may be no need to install a new one. However, that should be determined before purchasing the new door and hardware.

Purchase an insulated door with a high R-value. If the garage is attached to the home, an insulated door can help with energy costs. Increased R-value provides added benefits of noise reduction and heat retention. A higher R-value translates to increased energy efficiency, reduced heating cost, and a better return on investment. Avoid purchasing poorly constructed single layer doors or ones made of inexpensive materials. They will easily become dented and will not last long. Opt for a door that will last five to ten years. Garage doors come in various grades. Thicker doors with superior insulation will cost more and last longer than an inexpensive lower grade door. Doors come in four styles, i.e., swing-up, sliding, roll-up, or swing-out. The most popular choice is the roll-up style.

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Solid wood garage doors made of cedar, hemlock, or mahogany give an attractive appearance to the home’s exterior. For added beauty and curb appeal, purchase one that matches the wood color of the home’s entrance doors. Other door materials include wood composite, vinyl, and steel. Composite doors, an ecosystem friendly choice, are made from recycled materials. They are paintable and less expensive than solid wood doors. Low-maintenance vinyl doors are also paintable and economical. The most common is the steel door which is durable, paintable, and requires insulation.  Choose wisely before making a purchase and hire a professional garage door service company.